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We only sell exclusive leads below market rates. Both local and long distance. We adjust the rate based on the desired area. We can book you exclusively for specified geographic areas, so all leads from that area can go directly to you at a flat rate. Alternatively, you can bid for leads at your respective price point with other buyers in our system. 

Our Marketing Strategy Benefits Our Movers

Instead of spending thousands on pay per click or paying 3rd party affiliates for leads and calls, we generate traffic by doing SEO in house, our staff has 20+ years of search engine optimization experience.

we generate free traffic to our website, and you benefit from paying a low monthly subscription vs. paying per lead or per call.

Free Moving Leads For Movers

Generating Traffic From SEO?

Movers.xyz generates over 50,000 unique visitors from Google, Bing, Yahoo and major news outlets.

How People Find Us

Most of our traffic is generated from Google, geo targeted keywords convert the best for our brand.

Cancellation Policy

Any featured listings may be cancelled at anytime, no contracts, no long term commitment.

Payment Method

Monthly subscriptions can be paid with any major credit card.

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