Moving Routes and Destinations In 2022

Moving routes movers use on a daily basis in 2022, pick your route, save up to 40% on your long distance move.

Moving Routes

Interstate 10 Routes

Interstate 10 Routes

Los Angeles to Phoenix Movers

Los Angeles to Tucson Movers

Los Angeles to Albuquerque Movers

Los Angeles to Dallas Movers

Los Angeles to Austin Movers

Los Angeles to Houston Movers

Los Angeles to Fort Worth Movers

Los Angeles to New Orleans Movers

Los Angeles to Mobile Movers

Los Angeles to Pensacola Movers

Los Angeles to Tallahassee Movers

Los Angeles to Jacksonville Movers

Los Angeles to Orlando Movers

Los Angeles to Miami Movers

Interstate 95 Routes

Interstate 95 Routes

New York to Philadelphia Movers

New York to Wilmington Movers

New York to Baltimore Movers

New York to Washington Movers

New York to Richmond Movers

New York to Raleigh Movers

New York to Fayetteville Movers

New York to Charleston Movers

New York to Alpharetta Movers

New York to Jacksonville Movers

New York to Decatur Movers

New York to Orlando Movers

New York to West Palm Beach Movers

New York to Fort Lauderdale Movers

New York to Columbia Movers

More Popular Routes

Atlanta to Houston Movers

Atlanta to Las Vegas Movers

Atlanta to Charlotte Movers

Atlanta to Denver Movers

Atlanta to San Antonio Movers

Atlanta to Dallas Movers

Atlanta to Orlando Movers

Atlanta to Austin Movers

Boston to Chicago Movers

Boston to Miami Movers

Boston to Atlanta Movers

Boston to Nashville Movers

Boston to St. Louis Movers

Chicago to Baltimore Movers

Chicago to Richmond Movers

Chicago to Bridgeport Movers

Chicago to New Haven Movers

Chicago to Tampa Movers

Chicago to Fort Lauderdale Movers

Chicago to Columbus Movers

Dallas to Newark Movers

Dallas to Jersey City Movers

Dallas to Virginia Beach Movers

Dallas to Miami Movers

Dallas to Chesapeake Movers

Dallas to Denver Movers

Las Vegas to New York Movers

Las Vegas to Colorado Springs Movers

Las Vegas to Phoenix Movers

Las Vegas to Tucson Movers

Las Vegas to Oklahoma Movers

Miami to Atlanta Movers

Miami to Cleveland Movers

Miami to Detroit Movers

Miami to Pittsburgh Movers

Miami to Indianapolis Movers

Miami to Albuquerque Movers

Orlando to New York Movers

Orlando to Los Angeles Movers

Orlando to Sacramento Movers

Orlando to San Francisco Movers

San Francisco to Springfield Movers

San Francisco to Portland Movers

San Francisco to Salt Lake City Movers

San Francisco to Louisville Movers

San Francisco to Cincinnati Movers

Why People Leave California

California is one of the most expensive states in the U.S. housing, Utilities, Groceries, entertainment and transportation are the move expensive in the nation.

Los Angeles Movers Best Movers In Los Angeles, CA

Rising State Taxes In California

From income tax to sales tax, Californians are the highest taxpayers in the US. Those looking to start a business in California should know that the government bids some of the most oppressive taxes on small businesses.

California Housing Shortage

California’s housing shortage and crisis is a result of supply and demand imbalances. Studies have shown that the supply is 30% lower than the demand of the housing unit, owing to the shortage of land in the Golden state. 

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are an inevitable part of Californian life. From earthquakes to droughts and floods, California has seen it all. And this is one of the major causes for residents to move to another state.

Keeping Your Moving Budget Low

Many people who are planning a move have a specific budget in mind. some moving routes can be expensive. If you are selling a house, you will need to keep in mind certain costs. You will need to pay varied kinds of costs including the cost of a lawyer to close on the house.

You may also need to pay other kinds of costs when you are moving. Many people need to pay estate agents to help them sell their houses. They also need to pay any outstanding mortgage on the house. All these costs can really add up over time.

This is why so many people look to think about saving money when they are moving. Saving money on a move allows them to have the funds they need to redecorate their new home and pick out any things they might want there.