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Piano Moving Services

Piano owners know that moving and transporting their piano when they are relocating to a new home is one of the biggest headaches associated with possessing this instrument. Pianos are extremely heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds or more, so it is always necessary to have a crew of several people available to move them.

Piano Movers

Moving a Baby Grand Piano Safely

A piano’s weight and unwieldy size also means that unskilled piano movers risk injuring themselves when they are trying to move a piano from one place to another.

Additionally, those who do not move a piano carefully may put it out of tune, which means that a piano tuner will have to be paid to get the piano to produce the right sounds again.

Safely Avoiding An Accident

Finally, dropping a baby grand piano can cause serious damage to the instrument, damage that will only increase your moving costs when the instrument is finally repaired.

It is always much wiser to hire a professional to move a piano than it is to move the piano yourself. Movers.xyz has dozens of professional baby grand piano movers that can do the job right the first time.

Hiring Insured Movers

Our listing of bonded and licensed piano movers is provided to help you find the best team to transport your priceless instrument from one place to the next so that you will not have to worry about moving your piano safely.

These movers represent decades of experience in the piano moving business, and they are ready and willing to help you with all your piano moving needs.

Best Grand Piano Moving Companies

The movers available through our moving directory can help you with both local movers and long distance movers. They are able to disassemble your grand piano and reassemble it at your new location if necessary, or they can move the entire instrument.

Using special lifting techniques and a truck with a lift gate, they will pick up your grand piano, load it on the truck, drive it to your destination, unload it and put it in the room of your choice.

Whether moving a piano up and down several flights of stairs or are performing the move all on one level, these movers can get your piano where it needs to go without harming themselves or your other furniture

Local Piano Movers

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, you will not have to pay a claim to cover medical bills or repair piano damages, for insured piano movers are covered in the case of such losses.

This means that you can rest easy when you hire a licensed piano mover and focus instead on getting settled into your new home.

You can find piano movers to move pianos of every shape and size on Movers.xyz, so fill out the information form today, and we will put you in contact with a quality piano moving company in your area.