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Wilmington Movers VS. Doing it Your Self

When it is time to make a decision about moving options, it can be difficult to choose between full service and do-it-yourself. 

Nevertheless, there are unexpected ways that moving with a traditional truck rental and not hiring professional services can cost you.

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Moving In Town Versus Moving Across The Country

One of the most difficult decisions to make when you are moving across the country is what to take with you and what to pack up.

Since there are many difficulties associated with driving a moving van for long distances, most people opt out of using a rental vehicle in lieu of professional long distance moving services. Nonetheless, moving inside the same city with a rental van also has some disadvantages that may not be obvious at first.

Hidden Costs of Rental Vans

Many people feel that all they need to ensure everything goes right with renting a van for moving is to get the extra insurance that is offered.

While this will cover most expensive related to accidents involving a do-it-yourself move inside the state you are living, there can be other issues that arise that may not be covered once you leave the state.

Sadly, many of the state laws vary, and you will need to do your own research before making the best decision.

There may also be hidden costs in the paperwork that involve specific instances, and reading all of this before you sign on the dotted line is crucial.

No Driver’s License or Under Age

Students will often find that they are not able to secure a rental van for their move, and the only alternatives are having a professional moving service help them out.

Part of the issue is that there are under age restrictions set by the company or the local government. For instance, anyone under the age of 23 has difficulty renting a car, especially for out of state driving.

On the other hand, younger people can rent dollies, small wagons or trailers from companies with rental vans for moving within the same city. In situations where a trailer is used, the vehicle that will pull it will need to be inspected to see if it can carry the expected weight of the loaded trailer.

Other groups that may not be able to rent a van for moving include people with vision disabilities or people that cannot obtain a driver’s license.

How Moving-Related Lawsuits Can Haunt You

Everyone forgets how easy it is to cause an accident while moving. This can also involve damaging rental property when inexperienced local movers attempt to move large appliances or furniture. In addition, any of the volunteers helping you move can sue you if they sustain an injury while helping you move your property.

This can be unfortunate if the moving volunteers are not friends and are looking for opportunities like these to create a false injury lawsuit.

One other moving lawsuit that can throw a wrench in the future of your credit history is having something blow into traffic because you did not secure your possessions correctly.

Helping a Person With Disabilities Move

Although someone with disabilities might be living on a limited income, it is often to their advantage if professional movers help them to relocate.

This includes moving inside of a city as well as to another part of the United States. For example, someone with sight disabilities may need help with packing that could use a professional edge.

Of course, someone with disabilities may not feel comfortable with moving boxes or figuring out how to organize them inside of a truck rental.

Finally, the pressure of the move can be reduced if the person with disabilities knows that the people moving their items are true professionals that will ensure that nothing gets broken, misplaced or mislabeled.

What To Expect From a Professional Wilmington Movers

When you are doing a move without the help of professionals, there is a lot of organizing involved, and you will need to plan as much in advance as possible.

For example, if you are moving cross-country, a back-up plan needs to be put into place in case you have more things than you expected and they do not all fit in your rental van.

With pro Wilmington movers in control, there will also be no need to figure out how to organize volunteers that want to help you move.

For instance, if no one shows up or if there is sudden bad weather, the rental van might need to be parked on the street until the moving process can resume.

Wilmington Movers Saving The Day

Unfortunately, many people that rent a van for their moving experience find that their main issue is securely storing the van overnight while the move itself is stalled.

Alternatively, professional moving companies can safely remove your possessions from your home and into the van no matter what the weather is, and they also do it on a schedule

If Wilmington moving companies are not able to complete the task because there is a hurricane, severe thunderstorm or tornado on the way, they can move the van and your possessions to a safe, secured lot until the weather breaks.